Dovetailed infill planes in the style of Norris, Mathieson and Spiers.
Contemporary design combining precision engineering with traditional hand craft.

Precision Infill planes taken to a new level.

  • A31 Infill Thumb Plane - Link to Gallery page.
  • Maker of traditional dovetailed infill
    hand planes since 1988.
Although now championing my new 98 series precision hand planes, I continue to make infill planes based on the Norris, Mathieson and Spiers patterns. Please take some time to visit my Gallery or Planes pages to see examples of my work.
I must emphasize that I do not make 'reproduction antiques' – my designs, although firmly based on traditional infill patterns, incorporate subtle modifications to achieve the standards of design and finish for which I have become known. My aim is simply to make the finest hand planes money can buy.

No. 11-S Smoother Modified

No. 11-s Modified. Back in 2004 I set about making a small simple smoothing plane in a traditional style, but in a bevel down format (I don’t think the wood could tell the difference, as long as the common angle is the same). This had the advantage of having extra hand room to hold the plane. This body style is reminiscent of the Norris mitre plane which, however was bevel up and difficult to use as a smoothing plane due to the lack of access at the rear of the plane.

No. 11-s Modified - blade removed. The plane worked very nicely and was well received (in fact even copied, although not to the same standard). On request I made an adjustable version but then I was criticised for gilding the lily.

I recently discovered some unused components from this 11-s and I had wanted to remake this plane as a non-adjuster for some time. I wanted to have a snecked iron so that it would make the adjusting much easier – I am constantly amazed that other non-adjuster planes do not have any snecking. The system I have chosen is similar to the one Norris used on their shoulder planes. I decided that this side snecking is the way forward, top snecking has less access because of the lever cap.

Like the original 11-s the blade is reversible and has a bed angle of 59 deg, or 89 deg with the blade reversed. This has resulted in a plane which will be ideal for the finishing of difficult grains in cabinet and instrument making.

I have slightly modified the lever cap by putting a shallow channel on the top so it can come to rest under the bridge. This is because a different clamping position is required in the reversed configuration (which makes it more of a scraper than a plane).

No. 11-s Modified - Blade Manufacture. No. 11-s Modified - Blade Manufacture.

I had a small criticism from a customer of the 11-s about the sharpness of the blade edges as a user’s hand will often press against the blade in use. I felt that some rounding above the ‘water line’ eliminated any discomfort. This has required some hand polishing and is now much nicer to the touch.

The blade was a lot of work but as I have been able to use stock items elsewhere I am happy to offer this plane at £2065 + vat if applicable.

It has an 1 ½” wide blade with 2 ¾” of blade life. The plane is 6 ½” long. It is available in Rosewood, Ebony and Boxwood.

A No. 982 with Boxwood Handles

No. 982 with Boxwood Infill. Occasionally I am asked for Boxwood infills but this is the first time I have used it for the handles of a No. 982, I am very pleased with the result. This one is sold and I have just one more No 982 left.

I sometimes feel that I could promote English Boxwood more, it has so many desirable characteristics and a nice resilient quality.

Dovetailed A27 Bullnose Plane now complete

At long last these six dovetailed bullnose planes are complete and as usual most have been sold before completion although one is still available. See the A27 page for more photographs.

No. 982 Panel Plane.

No. 982 Panel Plane.

No. 982 Panel Planes. Approximately 4 years ago I made a limited number of No 982 14 ½” panel planes and as usual I was extremely busy and didn’t get round to showing them on my website. As I have two planes in component form on my shelves I thought it was time I got on with it.

The plane in component form is exactly the same as the No 982 smoother but with longer sides and bottom. The adjuster, the handles, the blade and the lever cap are all the same.

I can provide a choice of handle. The plane shown [above] has Dalbergia Louvellii handles.

The planes shown [right] have Dalbergia Retusa handles.

There is a lot of detail on the No 982 smoother page but this one has more weight (in proportion to its length). One plane has cones and the price is £7820, the other one is plain and the price is £7360. Prices are + delivery and vat if applicable.

Below are a few workshop pictures showing some of the manufacturing processes.

  • No.982 - side panels.
  • No.982 - cutting the rivets.
  • No.982 - Lever Cap.
  • No.982 - Lever Caps.